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Synchronicity happens when you align with the flow of the universe rather than expecting the universe to flow your way.

My earliest memory of connecting with the Spirit World was at the age of 11. At the time, I didn't know that's what it was. In fact, I didn't know I had this ability until around the age of 21. I am a huge believer in Synchronicity, and through a series of unconnected events, I happened to meet a lady who approached me to tell me what I could do. At the time, I remember being both terrified, but relieved at the same time. I wasn't going crazy, or suffering with a serious mental health issue. After a 15 minute conversation (of what felt a lot like she was reading my mind), the lady pointed me in the right direction, so that I could learn to shut this down. I had no desire to use this ability, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep most nights, and living on my nerves. After learning how to control things better, and being more on my terms, I found that I could not shut it down completely. The more I tried to, the stronger it became, not to mention the terrible headaches I used to suffer.

*** Important Information***

I am currently unable to offer face to face readings. Last year I was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer Stage 3. Thankfully, I am able to share that I am now cancer free. I am currently recovering from surgery, and due to start the last of my chemotherapy treatment. Due to being immune compromised, I need to be careful. The safest way to do that is to not see people face to face. I am still offering phone & video readings on the days I am feeling 100%. Feedback from clients have said these are just as good as face to face, so your reading will not be compromised. I hope to be back by April/May 2024. If you would like to be added onto my waiting list, please email me on I look forward to seeing you soon, Diane xx

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Once I learned to control this ability, I began to use it to help people, including close friends. After a short time, I was pushed by a friend to apply for a job working on the psychic phone lines. At the time, I hadn't shared this with many people. I felt good about being able to share my ability with others, but not confident enough to tell very many people at all. 

A couple of years later, I was approached by a confident, who convinced me to give her friend a face to face reading. She had been in such a desperate time in her life, she felt I could help her. The reading was really intense, but it gave this lovely lady the closure she needed, to be able to move on. After going our separate ways, I carried on in my own little bubble, or so I thought... A couple of days after the reading, the client had posted the loveliest status about me, and the reading on her Facebook (the power of social media). This led to around fifteen other people coming to me for readings just from her feedback. Initially I was very reluctant to do the face to face readings, and thought they would soon dry up. This was around 5 years ago.

Fast forward to today, I have now been working as a professional psychic for over 15 years.  I have a thriving business based in Kent, England, as well as clients from all over the world including Europe, Asia and the United States.​ I am also an in-studio and online television psychic for Psychic Today (Sky 866), and have worked for several prestigious UK psychic lines.​ I offer several psychic development courses through my company Synchronicity, from Beginners to Advanced as well as crystal healing, tarot and oracle card workshops.
​In October, you will find me working as a guest reader in the Enchanted of Salem, Boston. This is one of the most prestigious shops of this kind in Salem, and it is a privilege to be welcomed as part of the Enchanted family.
I have a motto in life: ​"Work hard, play harder"
When I am not working, I strive to do just that. I love making memories, no matter how busy I get and ​I share my life with Becky who is my better half and best friend. She puts the colour into my world and makes my journey that much more interesting.​ We are raising our three beautiful children as part of a unique blended family, of which we are so proud. ​Our little family is completed by our two cats Elliot, and Ethel.
A bit about my lovely team;
I couldn't get through the day without my amazing Personal Assistant Vicci. This girl keeps me organised, grounded, and is a keeper! With her help, we have a smooth booking system, and happy clients. 
I can't forget to mention Heather who has believed in me from day 1. We have certainly been on a psychic journey together over the past few years, we could write a book!
Last, but my no means least, is my dear friend Lizzy. This connection is another one of Synchronicity. Our friendship has blossomed over the last few years, as we are so like minded. My reading room is based in Lizzy's house and we are working on lots of new ideas together, and can't wait to show you whats coming next to the Magick Shop. She is also the creator of my beautiful new website, and fellow lover of flavoured gin! 
I like to describe myself as grounded, down to earth, approachable, and a bit quirky. If you are at all worried about having a reading, you really don't need to be. I will look after you every step of the way.
Di xxx
**You must be over 18 to have a reading which should be considered as a form of entertainment.**

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Experience You Can Trust




Come along to my beautiful reading room and enjoy the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Leave your worries behind and let me guide you through a 30 to 40 minute personal reading just for you.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer off site or group readings at this time.



If you are unable to join me in my reading room, I offer a 30 minute reading over the phone or via video chat from the comfort of your home or office.

Phone £25

Video £30



 I am offering a 12 month tarot reading via email. You will receive one email, which will have the full 12 months reading broken down into each individual month. 

Once purchased, you will choose your tarot cards by choosing 12 random numbers between 1-78.

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All reviews are directly from the Diane Dawson Facebook page and are unsolicited but very much appreciated.

Knowing that the readings given are accurate, bring peace of mind and are of help, is why Diane does what she does. For more recent reviews/testimonials, please feel free to check out the Facebook Profile. Press on the ''F'' symbol.


"I was having a rough time, mentally and emotionally. I was lost. I had never met Diane before, or any client for that matter. She told me straight away how I was feeling before I opened my mouth. I chose some cards and she began to tell me things that nobody, not even those closest to me could... Read more >>

Lydia Rose, UK
January 2016

"Wanted to thank you for my amazing reading, it was spot on! Time frames, people, and everything you shared started to unveil itself and happen. Glad I wrote it all down as I go back to it from time to time to re-read and gain strength. You are such a blessing. Looking forward to my next reading!"

Polly Shea, USA
July 2020

"I had an absolutely awesome reading over the phone. I was very elated of what Diane told me. There were things said that no one would ever have known. It was the first time I had ever spoken with Diane. Thank you so much, amazing!"

Duncan Riddle, UK
July 2020

"Had my first reading with Diane today and wow, she was totally spot on with everything! Just hope it comes true and definitely would highly recommend her and would love to do another one in the future."

May 2020

Abbie Freemantle, UK
May 2020


"I honestly can't believe how accurate you've been! Everything from my new career, health issues, family members, baby being born, to the date of having to buy a new car has been 100% spot on"

Celia Ann, UK
August 2019

"Thank you for your reading last week Di, absolutely spot on again."

Neil Corder, UK
March 2020

"Had a reading with Diane (a Mother's Day present) 2 weeks after a previous booked reading with another reader and both were identical, amazingly accurate, thank you Diane."

Debsy Debs, UK
April 2018

"If you have considered having a psychic reading, Diane Dawson is amazing. She did a reading for me a few weeks ago and it was the best reading I have ever had, (and I have had quite a few). She will now be my go to for all my future readings.

Tina Lane Qualey, USA
July 2020

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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