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"I was having a rough time, mentally and emotionally I was lost. I'd never met Diane before, or any clairvoyant for that matter, and she popped up in mutual friends. So I thought what the hell, added her and booked a reading for the following week. She came to my house. My sister took Evie (my daughter) for an hour and we sat down and began, she introduced herself and explained what she did. She told me how I was feeling before I opened my mouth. I chose some cards and she began to tell me things that nobody, not even those closest to me could. One of the things she told me was that in December I'd meet my "Forever Person" and by January 2016 I'd be happy and settled and know that I had found the one. That excited me. After she left I kept the words in my head and convinced myself that, that part wasnt true. My track record with relationships has always been the same. Whether the issue is them or me, it would always be over quick. There was never trust, and when something bad happened I didnt hurt, or get angry. I was numb to all emotion except that which my daughter had on me. A few people said I had changed, I was cold, I wasnt me, I felt nothing. I started to force myself to be what society expected of me. Because of this, I felt Di may be wrong and forgot about it. TILL TODAY, when something reminded me of that reading. She was bloody right. 100% right, about everything. THANKYOU!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!"

January 2016

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